Holiday Gift Ideas For Every Personality On Your List

What do you buy a woman who has everything? It's the mind-boggling question that always seem to creep into our collective consciousness during this time of the year. We often stuggle to find the perfect holiday gift for her. 

The key, my friends, is strategy. You have to know who you're shopping for and you need a plan. Start off by thinking about what she likes to do. Is her nose constantly buried in a book? Are they always jumping on the latest fashion trends? Perhaps she's an ambitious indiviual with big dreams. 

Never fear! We've compiled a collection of thoughtful holiday gifts for different personalities that won't break the bank!

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Holiday Gift Ideas by Budget

The Holidays are upon us yet again! That means it’s time to start making your Holiday Gift List, checking it twice, and ensuring your debit card can withstand the workout you’re about to put it through.

In a perfect world, you’d be able to get every single person on your list the most memorable, thoughtful, and expensive gift. But in the real world, you’re probably living on a budget—however vast or tight it may be. Between finding presents for your entire extended family, your best friends, and everyone in between, you might feel like, come January 2019, your bank account is in a deep dive towards the negatives.

Fortunately, there are plenty of thoughtful gift ideas that fit every budget! From $6 stocking stuffers to big-ticket items, we have put together the absolute best presents for whatever you’re looking to spend—guaranteed to make all recipient (and your bank account) jump in joy!

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Amrita Singh's Top Rose Gold Picks

Rose Gold is a universally flattering shade, adding radiance to any skin tone. It has a lush tone that is warmer than white gold. It is way more fun and youthful than yellow gold. It is earthy and metallic like Silver, but still carries a colored tint. All it takes is a simple glance at the gorgeous color to understand why Rose Gold has become so coveted.

Rose Gold has grown beyond being a trend and has instilled itself as a choice staple when shopping for jewelry. Need more convincing of this pink-tinged wonder? Join us as designer Amrita Singh talks about her top Rose Gold picks from this year's 60% Off Rosé All Day sale that are guaranteed to make you a Rose Gold convert. And if you’re already on board with this staple, well, here are some additional pieces to elevate your collection to solid (rose) gold, baby ;)

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Amrita Singh's Top Earring Picks

New York Fall 2018 Fashion Week runways were all about Statement Earrings. Models came down the runways of brands like Tom Ford, Balenciaga, and Louis Vuitton all adorned in glitzy, oversized chandelier earrings and 80s inspired resin hoops. The statement earring is this upcoming season’s accessory of choice. Summer only just started so we still have plenty of time to stock up on this bold on the lobe trend before it hits Fall 2018.

Amrita Singh Jewelry have a stunning collection of women's earrings, from classic hoops to chandelier statements. There is no excuse, you will find a pair that you love! Our designer Amrita Singh have picked her top 3 earrings from this year's $12 Earring Blowout Sale event for you to get inspiration from and treat yourself to!

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New Year, New You (?)!

With every new year comes the, sometimes, daunting and tedious task of choosing New Year's Resolutions for ourselves. For 2018 we have a couple fashion-forward resolutions that we're sure every #BangleBabe can follow through with!
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How to accessorize your costume!

This time of year we have a lot to look forward to: fall layering, PSLs, and the sweet sound of crunching leaves beneath those killer new booties! But let’s not forget that this season is also the spookiest of all! And nothing is scarier than trying to figure out what to wear each Halloween! But lucky for you, Bangle Babe, this nightmare is over! Take a peek at our favorite Halloween costume ideas that are fit for a true accessorizing fashionista!

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What to Wear: Fall Wedding Style Guide

Did you think wedding season was over?! ... Well think again! Autumn is finally here and is one of the best seasons to have a memorable wedding. Fall’s temperature is delightfully in the middle: not too hot, not too cold, it’s just right! There’s spiced wedding cake, great company and awkward dance moves to look forward to! But before the big day even arrives there’s one part that no matter who you are in a wedding is the hardest part: what to wear! Well, no need to look any further. We’ve come up with great styling tips for anyone going to a wedding this season, even if it’s your own. 
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5 Ways to Wear White After Labor Day!

Labor Day is here, and though it’s cause for celebration, it does mean that summer is (unfortunately) officially over. But don’t worry, although we say goodbye to sarongs, shorts, and sandals, we welcome the satisfying warmth of pumpkin-spiced lattes, cozy knit sweaters, booties for days and the sweet sweet smell of apple cinnamon. One rule surrounding the holiday is as old as time and has been embraced by fashionistas everywhere: No wearing white after Labor Day. But we Bangle Babes don’t concern ourselves with antiquated “suggestion”; besides, some rules are just meant to be broken.  So fear not, Labor Day is almost upon us, and we can all rejoice wearing white again without worrying about a glance of side-eye. Dust off those white clothes in storage because here are 5 trendy ways that make wearing the controversial color a breeze all fall long.
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10 Ways to Wear Chokers this Halloween

It’s the year of chokers and collars, and what better time to sport 2016’s hottest accessory trend than Halloween? Whether you’re a choker-loving princess or vampire type, we’ve compiled list of 10 stylish choker-incorporated costumes, and there’s sure to be something for everyone. Get inspired by your favorite celebrities, 90s cult classic movie personalities, classic cartoon characters and more. Read on for easy costume ideas using clothing and jewelry items that are already a part of your daily wardrobe, plus some of the best accessorizing tips and tricks to help you transform into your chosen alter ego this Halloween.

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Create the Perfect Jewelry Sets

With 300 items to choose from and a price point that can't be beat, our $10 Tag Sale is the perfect time to stock up on your favorite styles! Just like you wouldn’t leave the house without coordinating your outfit and your shoes, don’t leave the house without matching your jewelry also. See below for our jewelry set style guide to help you create the perfect pairs!
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6 Ways to Color Yourself Blue This Summer!

Summer is finally here and we’re excited to reveal our favorite color of the season with a brand new jewelry collection! When Pantone released its top 10 colors of the year, we were drawn to the cool, pastel, and deep tones of blue including Limpet Shell, Serenity, and Snorkel Blue. With these shades in mind, we created our Shades of Blue Collection which lets you mix and match your favorite jewelry and accessories to keep you looking stylish and feeling cool during the warm-weather months ahead. Keep reading for style inspiration and outfit ideas to help you find the perfect summer looks for all your needs!
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Jewelry Styles To Match Your Mom's Personality

From sister to grandma and neighbor to best friend, everyone has a different kind of mom to shop for this Mother’s Day. We’ve put together the top 5 personalities you might run across this year and matched them with their perfect jewelry style. Celebrate all the special women in your life by gifting them their new favorite accessories!
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The Secrets to Necklace Layering

When it comes to layering jewelry, the most exciting part is showing off  your creativity. There are no rules to making your own personal statement. However, with an endless amount of combinations that can be created, it can be a little overwhelming figuring out where to start. Here are some style secrets to follow and be inspired by when designing your own signature look. The goal is to have fun with the jewelry and to let it help you express your personality!
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