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Wear our Dream Island necklace like a pro!

We're all about versatility here at Amrita Singh - I mean, have you seen our collection of reversible necklaces? Dream Island is a gem of a necklace that comes in a variety of fun, notice me colors on one side, and a gorgeous, gold-hammered finish on the other side. Simple, yet eye-catching, classic, yet trendy - this necklace is a must-have for your jewelry collection. See how to get the most of this little beauty.

One necklace, so many looks

Wearing patterns is always fun, but can be intimidating as well. Accessorize with simple jewelry in neutral tones (gold, ivory, etc.) Or you can kick it up a notch by mixing in some solid colors. We personally love the pink and orange combo! To put it simply, don't be shy! Stand out with your bad-self, because you've just accessorized that pattern like a pro!

The Dream Island Necklace makes a great layering piece

You know a necklace is a keeper when it looks just as good layered as it does alone. Want more oomph from this neck candy? Pair it with a slightly longer bib necklace in a matching color for an understated statement (is that an oxymoron?). It also looks great with long chain link necklaces. You'll be the chicest!

So versatile, it works with any outfit whether it's work or play!

Need we say more? Work or play, this necklace will complete any outfit.

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