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Mondays with Amrita

Question 1: What's your guilty pleasure?
Amrita: Texas Hold'em Poker!  It is a recent obsession - I can play for hours. It's mental therapy. 

Question 2: What's your favorite TV show?
Amrita: Shark Tank. 

Question 3: What is your favorite childhood memory?
Amrita: Spending the summers in Europe. Driving through mainly Germany or Switzerland with my family. Staying at bed and breakfasts and just being kids, having fun. 

Question 4: What is your favorite movie?
Amrita: When Harry Met Sally, American Beauty and The Godfather to name a few....

Question 5: If you weren't a designer, what would you do?
Amrita: I would be a psychiatrist. I love talking to people, listening to their concerns and issues etc.

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