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Mondays with Amrita

Question 1: Where does your love for pink stem from?
Amrita: I remember growing up as a child - always being surrounded by Hello Kitty and Barbie dolls. I was always a 'girlie girl.' Needless to say pink was always my favorite color. 

Question 2: Would you rather wear pink accessories or a pink outfit? Or both?
Amrita: I would rather wear pink clothes. 

Question 3: Diana Vreeland once famously said: “Pink is the navy blue of India.” Do you agree?
Amrita: Absolutely, India is a vibrant country full of colors, but pink stands out the most! Especially the striking fuchsia and magenta tones of pink. 

Question 4: How has individuals like Diana Vreeland impacted your life in a fashion sense?
Amrita: She was unique. She set the bar very high for people like Anna Wintour to follow. She was a leader and such a fashionista. Words can’t begin to describe how much she has contributed to the fashion industry.

Question 5: What is your favorite pink accessory or item of clothing that you own?
Amrita: The one in the photo! My fuchsia, Robert Rodriguez silk dress. I love it!

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