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What Are You Giving Mom This Mother's Day?

The Amrita Singh girls have been planning and preparing for Mother's Day since last month and this Sunday we'll finally get to reveal our surprises! We're sharing the super special reasons why our mom's rock, what we have planned for this weekend, and the Amrita Singh gift we're giving that reflects her style the most.



"Aside from being my biggest fan, my mom is the strongest person I know. I definitely get my drive and determination from her. She's my inspiration for everything and has taught me to always fight for myself and for what I believe in and love. This Mother's Day, I'll be surprising her with lots of flowers and a new laptop because she loves to write and has a green thumb. The Bali Beach Necklace is the perfect Amrita Singh surprise for my mom because she loves summer, the tropics and the beach!"


"Something my mom has always done is buy the weirdest looking fruit from the produce cart vendors in New York City.  Dragon fruit, kiwis, lychees, bizarrely shaped apples - if it was unusual, she would buy it.  It was a ritual every Saturday afternoon that my sisters and I would sit around the table and Mom would figure out how to open, cut, and serve whatever the mysterious object was at the center of the table. It was mandatory to taste it, and if we didn't like it, that was ok.  It wasn't about finding our new favorite fruit, it was about not being afraid of trying something different.  That bizarrely deformed apple?  It was one of the crispest, freshest, sweetest apples I've ever eaten. For mother's day I'm going down to Chinatown and getting her a basket of the strangest fruit I can find -- but I'm going to put our pretty Beaded Chain in there, too!"


"Every year since I moved to NY, my mom has been sending me big packages on my birthday. Little notes, handmade snacks she knows I love, as well as other things I might have mentioned I want are all included. This Mother’s Day, I will be booking her a ticket to NYC so she can spend a fun week with me in the city. I will also be gifting her the Agha Earrings because she loves wearing hoops and she's fond of jewelry that looks unique and ethnic."


"My mom is special because she’s good at so many things. She’s an artist, published writer, volunteer teacher and retired physicist. She loves creating and appreciating quirky art, and she has a good eye for design. This Mother’s Day, I’m giving my mom the Tic Tac Toe Bib because it’s whimsical and multicolored, just like her style!"


"My mom does so much, I can’t pick just one! She’s a selfless woman and an unbelievable role model. For this Mother’s Day, it's all about relaxation and appreciation. I’m giving her a luxurious spa day and taking her out to dinner in the city. I'll also be gifting her the Anne CZ Earring because you can never have enough sparkly studs and she can wear them with anything!"


"My mom always keeps everything at home in order to provide our family a nice, neat, cozy living environment. She also loves decorating our house to give it a clean and modern look. This mother’s day I would love to give her the Full Size Buddha as present! She will definitely love this zen accent piece with shimmery highlights - it will add so much glamour to her room!"


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What surprises do you have planned for mom this weekend?


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