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Style Guide: Lightweight Earring Styles For Summer

Turn heads without weighing down your own with our top lightweight earring styles for summer!


Pop of Color

Summer is the perfect time to break out the bright colors! Incorporate small doses of summer color by picking a thin pair of earring like the NoHo Hoops, or make a bold statement with a design that won't weigh you down with the neon Prince Street Hoops. If you're looking to pack an even bigger punch of color with your ear candy, go dramatic with length and movement by wearing the Mercer Street Earrings or the Easter Jocasta Earrings.

Mercer Street Earrings Noho Hoops Easter Jocasta Earring Prince Street Hoops


Airy & Eye-Catching

Mix lightweight design with bold details this summer! The big and bold Blumen Earring is a beautiful piece of metalwork, sophisticated in its design, but easy to wear any time of day. Meanwhile, the skipped rows of dramatic crystals in the Medina Earrings keep the design from being nighttime-only. The Madeline Studs incorporate small color details in between the crystals and the golden floral design, making them perfect for any summer outfit, along with their more dramatic cousin, the Surf Lodge Earrings.

Medina Earring Blumen Earring Madeline Studs Surf Lodge Earring


Delicate & Dangling

Delicately detailed earrings that fall below your jaw line are the easiest way to glam up any look. You can opt for dramatic movement with the Branch Earrings, offering texture and shine, or go with the dramatic elegance of the Bergman Earring. The Pippa Earring is all about sticking to the classics as it features a cluster of lightweight pearls that instantly dress up any outfit. The thin and delicate design of the two-tone neutral or colorful Hampton Long Earrings, which fall almost to your shoulders, make any additional jewelry optional.

Branch Earrings Pippa Earring Manpton Long Earring Bergman Earring


Simple, Shiny & Dainty

Subtle statements can still make a strong impact. Add some subtle fun to your outfit with the oversized Sierra Floral Studs featuring one petal full of crystals, or incorporate classy flashes of color with the Cleopatra Studs. If you are in the mood for only a hint of dangle, the Amrita Everyday Earrings are a miniaturized version of our Madeline Spring Earrings, and our Bouley Crystal Earrings bring an understated sparkle that brings the gaze up to your eyes.

Sierra Floral Studs Bouley Crystal Earrings Amrita Everyday Earring Cleopatra Stud Earring


Charming & Trendy

Summer is the most fanciful of seasons, and the perfect time to play with your style! Start out simple with some floral dangles in neutral colors like our Skyler Earrings or the crystal Enamel Leaf Studs. Then move on to bigger and bolder statements, like the oversized triangles of our Bermuda Studs (available in 7 colors). When you're ready for whimsy, go all out with our adorable Chubby Owl Studs -- these small earrings make quite the statement.

Chubby Owl Studs Skyler Earrings Crystal Enamel Leaf Studs Bermuda Stud Earring


One Of A Kind

Make an unforgettable impression with large statement earrings. Sparkling embellishments connect the simple, large floating circles of the Madeline Earrings. The Tino Earring provides elegance with a twist: glamorous sparkle on top, and dangling, luxuriously textured color detail. The Kenmare Street Earrings bring flashes of gold with the disks that adorn the bottom of the black and gold teardrop shape. Eye-catching and edgy, the Mohawk Earrings channel all that is glamorous about rock and roll with strong shape and shine that frame your face.

Kenmare Street Earring Tino Island Earrings Madeline Earrings Mohawk Earrings


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