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Find Your Next Statement Necklace

Use our handy chart to find your next statement necklace, and then view our style guide below for tips on how to wear it!



Joanna Necklace

You like your statement pieces to be bold, but functional. The Joanna is a great everyday piece that can take you from day to night. It's a pretty strong piece, so we recommend wearing it with monochromes.

Perfect to wear with:

  • V-necks, scoop neck, round neck and box neck tops.
  • Any color you like, but we're partial to black, white, navy and beiges tops, as well as monochrome dresses.

Amrita Harper Crystal Necklace

You love trendy, monochrome pieces with sparkle & shine. Brighten up your look a bit with a bold colored top that will balance out the tones of the necklace. If you're not quite ready to go all-in with the sparkles, we do have a simpler version - the standard Harper!

Perfect to wear with:

  • High neck, boat neck and collared tops
  • Monochrome and two-toned patterns (3 tones if one of the colors in the top is the same as the necklace)

Color Block Bib Necklace

You like to have fun with your jewelry, but want low-maintenance style. This is the only piece you need if you're not in the mood to wear a lot of jewelry pieces. This bib is perfect for spicing up a simple outfit, or bringing simple contrast to a simple pattern.

Perfect to wear with:

  • High neck, scoop neck and collared tops. This piece looks great under a jacket or sweater, too.
  • Black, white,  tops that feature one of the colors in your bib or only slightly contrast. If you're really daring, try the turq + blue bib with a simple orange t-shirt- it's so fun!

Rock Princess Necklace

You are ready for anything and answer to no one. This piece, while ornate, is all about the details, and must be worn with confidence. If you're not quite ready to go rainbow, try our monochrome and two-tone versions for a show-stopping look.

Perfect to wear with:

  • Boat necks, scoop necks, and open collar tops. This piece is also great under jackets.
  • This necklace is a lot of look. We recommend keeping it simple with a monochrome top.

Thompson Street Necklace

Your style is just like you - bubbly, outgoing, and always ready for the weekend or a night out. Honestly, your middle name must be Fun. Once you put this piece on, you're going to be smiling and bringing smiles to everyone else all day. Looking for a more refined, career-chic version? Then you'll love the Holi Floral Necklace!

Perfect to wear with:

  • Round necks, peter pan collars and scoop necks. These pair wonderfully with button down sweaters, too!
  • We love these necklaces on monochromes, but it's a rainbow, so any color works!

Amrita Reversible Bib Necklace

High Drama and versatility are your M.O.s. You are ready to be a queen, but want to make sure you investment pays out in dividends. Enter the Reversible Bib that gives you two colors to play with and wear all week long.

Perfect to wear with:

  • Scoop necks, round necks, and pointed collar tops. This bib also looks fabulous under jackets.
  • Go wild with color! It works nicely with large patterns too. The drama of this piece will only bring additional chicness to whatever you wear.

Bali Starfish Necklace

Aren't you a quirky one?! You live for summer, sun, and the beach and are not afraid to show it.  Honestly, you would wear shorts and summer dresses all year long if you could. Maybe it's time you moved to Florida! If you're interested in a more metallic version, we think you'd love the Bali Beach Necklace.

Perfect to wear with:

  • Scoops necks and round necks are our favorite for this piece, but who are we to tell you what to do? It does look great with a sweater too, for when you're shivering in your office A/C.
  • Go wild! Solid colors are our preferences, but you can also go full-nautical with a striped shirt.

Braided Chain Necklace

You're all about complimenting your outfit while giving off a rock n' roll vibe highlighted by metallics. Add some edge to any look with this intricate & textured piece. For a more modest version, try the Aubrey Braided Necklace.

Perfect to wear with:

  • Every neck type.
  • Every color.

Lisa Hammered Necklace

You love to shine with metallics while still keeping it simple. Pair this fun piece with a collared shirt to make a chic statement at work.

Perfect to wear with:

  • Round and boat neck tops, or necklines that follow the natural angle the necklace falls.
  • We prefer this necklace with monochromes or patterns that are smaller than the metal coins.

NYC Maharani Necklace

You are trendy yet timeless in your style. Sometimes it feels like you should have a national holiday all of your own. We would take a day off work to support that! You also don't like a lot of fuss with your jewelry, which is why the white pearls make this an easy piece to wear anywhere.

Perfect to wear with:

  • Round neck, boat neck, and scoop neck tops, or tops with smaller pointed collars.
  • The simplicity of this necklace makes it a great choice for monochromes, small checkered patterns and stripes.

Riverside Necklace

You are ready to be bold with your style, but don't want anything too heavy. The colors of your accessories support your style choices, but it's more about how you wear them. 

Perfect to wear with:

  • Round necks, boat necks, collared shirts, and v necks that follow the way the necklace falls. This piece looks great with sweaters, too!
  • Just like your style dictates, this necklace is a simple statement, and should be easy to wear, so we like to pair it with black, white, and monochrome of patterns where the dominant color is the same as the necklace.  

Baronial Necklace

Where's your tiara and scepter?! You're the queen of timeless statement pieces. Oversized pearls and the pop of color means that once you put this piece on, your outfit is done. And that's the way your majesty likes it.

Perfect to wear with:

  • Boat necks, smaller collared tops, and V-neck that follow the natural angle the necklace falls.
  • This necklace looks great with monochromes and microchecks.




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