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Turq & Coral: Summer's Power Combo

Turq and Coral are two powerful, eye-catching colors. Turquoise has been found in jewelry pieces that date back to over 2,000 years ago. The brightness of the color represents royalty, happiness, and confidence. Coral looks great against any skin tone and it's been used to promote positive energy. You can stick to your favorite shade or be bold and wear them both! Today, Amrita shares why this is one of her favorite summer color combos.

1. What makes turquoise & coral such appealing summer colors?

They're natural and organic complementary colors. You can't help but be taken to a happy tropical place with turquoise mimicking natural daylight and coral representing the colors of the sunset.


Gold Leaf Pendant Hamptons Butterfly Necklace


2. Why do they look so good together?

It gives you the perfect color block effect. The coolness of the blue tones enhance and highlight the warmer orange tones.They're opposites on the color wheel but working with that contrast adds to the power of this beautiful combination. Personally, it's one of my favorites!


Hamptons Butterfly Necklace


3. Do these colors have special meaning to you?

I love the history of the two stones and how they can be traced so far back throughout the Aztec and Middle Eastern cultures. You can also find the most interesting natural semi-precious turquoise and coral stones. They come in all shapes, sizes and shades. 


Gold Leaf Pendant Hamptons Butterfly Necklace


4.  How easy is it to pair turquoise and coral together?

It's so effortless because they naturally compliment each other. One of my favorite collections is the Hamptons Collection, mainly because I get to use this strong color combination throughout. It's easy to highlight a look with accessories of either color, but it's also fun to make a bold statement and wear both!


Gold Leaf Pendant Hamptons Butterfly Necklace


5. Can you tell us the best way to style turquoise & coral?

White is usually a go-to summer shade because it keeps us cool and it's lightweight and airy. Pairing it with turq and coral adds a perfect summertime pop of color, giving your look a fresh and cool twist. You can go with white denim, a white top, or even an all white ensemble. This versatile combo gives you so many options.


Hamptons Butterfly Necklace


6. What's your favorite turquoise piece, coral piece, and color-combo piece?

My favorite tureq peice would have to be the Amrita Classic Necklace, it's an eye-catching piece and a perfect finishing touch that doesn't take away from your outfit. The Amrita Three Tier Earring is another one of my favorites. They're the best when you don't want to feel weighed down and they add a fun and unexpected pop of coral color. As a combination, I would have to pick the Paragano Necklace- it's a bold peice that can dress up any look no matter the occasion.


Hamptons Butterfly Necklace

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