Amrita Singh’s Top Picks from the Shades of Blue

Q & A with Amrita Singh

We’re all dreaming of the most transparent blue water along white sandy beaches we’ll visit this summer. Let’s take a trip down our Shades of Blue Collection with Amrita Singh as she talks her top picks of this weeks popular collection.


Q: Can you tell us about your inspiration in creating the Shades of Blue Collection? 

A: I chose our best selling blue accessories from existing collections to create an overall Shades of Blue Collection. Blue is a very strong color and variations of the shades of blue are all around us throughout the spring and summer season. I love turquoise, I love the ombre effect from dark shades of blue to light shades of blue.  Take note of the ocean, the sea, and the beach and all variations of blue in these settings. The Bahama blue is noticeably darker than the Coastal blue. I love summer, the ocean, the beach and these settings in specific give me inspiraton.

$19 Shades of Blue

Q: The Ankara Crystal Necklace is a statement itself and bound to catch the eyes of many stylish girls. Are you a.) likely to reach for minimal earrings and rings b.) likely to reach for loud earrings and bangles c.) likely to skip additional jewelry and let the necklace have its moment?

A: This piece easily looks like a blue topaz semi precious stone. For this reason, I would reach for minimal earrings and bangles to let the Ankara Crystal Necklace have its moment. I love pairing hoop or stud earrings and bangles with this necklace. Our Farrah Hoop Earring has crystals on the ins and outs of the hoop making it perfect to style with the crystals on the tassel necklace. For a second earring option, I would reach for our flat, round Monica Stud Earring. The hoops and the studs pick up the crystal and pave of the necklace and are complimentary in that way.  & of course you can't forget the bangle; I would wear a simple stack of gold, metal, or crystal bangles.

$19 Shades of Blue
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Q: Statement brooches are trending this Spring/Summer 2018. The Salim Brooch is exquisitely and uniquely designed and also functions as a headpiece. It’s sure to be the star piece of many outfits this season. Can you elaborate on your inspiration for this piece?

A: This piece is vintage indian inspired and designed with history of royalty in mind. This typical design was worn by royalty as a headpiece or a brooch. My royal inspiration is Mahajara of Patalia. Mahajara of Patalia we well known as the fashionable royal of India. He always accessorized hit turban or his jackets with brooches resembling the Salim Brooch in design.  

$19 Shades of Blue
SHOP — Salim Brooch // orginally $100 // NOW $19

Q: The Romarin Necklace and Romarin Earring are stunning, floral pieces perfect for Spring/Summer. What do you envision as the perfect spring outfit to wear with these picks?

A:  There are many perfect outfits to go with this set, and I would go in two different directions.  I might wear this set with a casual outfit, such as a simple white cotton tee tank top and jeans to let the jewelry pop. I can also go in the opposite direction and wear a floral printed maxi dress — perfect for a day time event.

$19 Shades of Blue
$19 Shades of Blue


Q: Your fashion forward jewelry designs are inspired by beautiful traditions of Indian jewelry. Which traditions of Indian jewelry come to mind when you see the Amrita Singh girl reaching for the Katherine Necklace?

A: The Katherine necklace is a timeless piece with beautiful features of traditional Indian jewelry. This royal blue necklace is a conversational piece, and a great investment piece to add to you closet. The Katherine necklace goes back to the period when England ruled over India.  The time in Indian history when Queen Victoria was the Queen of England and the Queen of India. Queen Victoria loved all semi precious stones, especially Sapphire. Indian jewelry is rich in semi precious stones, and continuing that tradition in my jewelry to the extent that I can is important to me. 

$19 Shades of Blue
SHOP — Katherine Necklace  // originally $75 // NOW $19


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