Amrita Singh's Top Rose Gold Picks

Q & A with Amrita Singh

Rose Gold is a universally flattering shade, adding radiance to any skin tone. It has a lush tone that is warmer than white gold. It is way more fun and youthful than yellow gold. It is earthy and metallic like Silver, but still carries a colored tint. All it takes is a simple glance at the gorgeous color to understand why Rose Gold has become so coveted.

Rose Gold has grown beyond being a trend and has instilled itself as a choice staple when shopping for jewelry. Need more convincing of this pink-tinged wonder? Join us as designer Amrita Singh talks about her top Rose Gold picks from this year's 60% Off Rosé All Day sale that are guaranteed to make you a Rose Gold convert. And if you’re already on board with this staple, well, here are some additional pieces to elevate your collection to solid (rose) gold, baby ;)

Q: Why pick Rose Gold jewelry over classics such as Gold and Silver jewelry?

Most people either identify themselves as a “gold person” or a “silver person”. However, we’ve noticed that rose gold jewelry generally look great on everyone. Could it be the most universally flattering metal ever? We think so.

Rose gold pulls out the blushy undertones in so many different skin colors. There’s just a harsher contrast against the skin when someone is wearing yellow gold, silver or platinum jewelry. Rose gold has a rich warm yet soft luster that make it shine more than gold and silver jewelry. It is not as common as typical gold and silver looks. This statement color alone can make your outfit stand apart from others.

Q: Your first pick is the Aranxa Necklace. How would you style this Rose Gold statement necklace?

The Aranxa necklace is such an eye catcher—it’s the epitome of Statement Necklace. So definitely don’t wear oversized earrings or anything that will be overkill and take away from the necklace. Instead, I would opt to wear this necklace with an open neckline, so it gives the piece room to breathe. This can be any boat neck or off-shoulder outfit. Not only this, the rose color works well with pastel and light shades, so it really pops and adds a unique look to an outfit. 

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Q: Your second pick is the Giulia Crystal Mesh Bracelet/Choker. Why did you pick this piece?

I love the versatility of this piece, not only can you wear as a wrap bracelet but you can also wear it as a choker! It’s a great two in one piece.

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Q: Your final pick is the Jasmeen Earring. What made you pick this piece? And how would you style it?

I love studs, all the time, but I particularly like larger studs like the Jasmeen Earring that are not too heavy. This is a beautiful and lightweight statement piece that can pair well with any outfit—a casual day look or an evening party look.

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