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6 Ways To Rock Mixed Metals

As many of my design fans know, I love to use gold in my jewelry. Gold goes back to my Indian roots, and I love the way the tone warms up the skin. But that's not to say that I don't love all varieties of metal hues, which is why I created my Mixed Metals collection. I wanted to design an entire collection celebrating the versatility of all metals from the darkest gunmetal to the brightest light gold. Perfect for fall, this collection is all about the natural shine of metals.


Chain Links


I embraced the class and chicness of metal jewelry's versatility by starting with the basics and making them stronger. I started with the classic chains and links, but added a modern flair, like the geometric links in my Bohemian and Missy Link chains. I also added depth and dimension by layering my chains to catch the different angles of light, like in the Morocco Necklace.


Metal Strands


Strands of metal jewelry accent an outfit rather than overwhelm it, and can turn even jeans and a white t-shirt into a million dollar look. The Le Bernardin is one of my favorites- depending on the wearer, the slick gunmetal can be modern high-fashion or rocker-chic. The Sophie multi-layer is another great piece that features the hammered metal technique and is so strong you can forego wearing any other jewelry.


Femme Collars


Keeping to the theme of simplicity, I was inspired by the idea of a bird in a gilded cage and created a few collars like the Globe & Allison necklaces that bring the metals closer to face. I love the way the subtle shine of metals draw attention to the wearer's features. These pieces are full of craft and design, but serve as accents pieces rather than loud statement makers and present a beautiful balance of soft and strong.

Woven Designs


I wove together hues of gold, gunmetal and silver for even more versatile, fresh pieces, like the Braided Chain Necklace. I even added rose gold to a few pieces like the Alie Necklace to add a flirty, girly edge. Metals are all part of the same family, and grouping them in patterns further adds to their versatility and modern look.


Hammered Finish


Another thing I love about metals are the different finishes and textures the material can be molded to. One of my favorites is the hammered finish- an amazing way to add dimension to even the simplest metal piece. The constructed dents pick up different angles of light, adding a wide variety of metallic color hues to your piece. The interest it brings to simple pieces like the Natalia Necklace & Broome Street Hammered Earring makes it just as much of a statement-maker as a bigger piece like the Lisa Hammered Necklace. It's such an eye-catching technique that I used it throughout the collection!


Crystal Accents


This collection is perfect for fall, and you'll notice that I couldn't bear to completely let go of my signature Austrian crystals, so you will find them in this collection as well, but in a much more subtle way: embedded in pieces like the Allie Earrings and the Hannah Necklace.

I hope you enjoy!


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