Back To School Style Guide

Make this school year your best-dressed yet with our outfit, makeup, hair and accessory tips! Whether your personal taste is edgy, classic or casual, we’ve got insight into the latest fashion trends for every look. Let us help you discover what your back to school style will be this year!

Fun & Flirty

Seema Bangles Dorcas Necklace Crystal Knotted Studs Alaya Handbag


Light colors are key. Mix and match a couple of hues for a look that’s sweet and feminine.

Outfit: Grab something light and flowy. Soft colors and minimalist patterns are your go-to. Bonus: Sandals or flats that color-match your top or accessories.

Accessories: A simple statement necklace in a color that compliments your top with a bracelet or bangle set to match. Complete the look with a pair of studs.

Makeup: Natural eye makeup and pink lipstick or lip gloss. Take it up a notch with some light colored eye shadow.

Hair: Leave it down or pin part of it back with a cute bow or clip.

Classic Cool

Lovely Heart Necklace Anika Dangle Earring Serafina Royal Necklace Fergie Stretch Bracelet


The perfect combination of casual and sophisticated. Crystal accents keep this style simple and chic, for a look that’s easy-going with a touch of elegance.

Outfit: Keep it simple with a slightly tailored top in white or dark monochromes, paired with form fitting bottoms like dark-wash skinny jeans.

Accessories: Keep it simple, but add interest by stacking thin chains and crystal details.

Makeup: Red lipstick, winged eye liner and a classic French manicure.

Hair: Leave it down in big, soft waves or tie it up in a tight, sleek bun.

Study Date

Flatiron Bib Bali Cuff Cleopatra Hoop Earrings Siveda Metallic Messenger Bag

You’ll want a laid-back outfit to study in, but you're still going out in public. Go cute and comfy all at once with this look.

Outfit: Don’t let your clothing overpower the rest of your look. Choose a simple ensemble that’s flattering, but casual and comfortable.

Accessories: Solid gold and black statement jewelry will take your look to the next level. Finish it off with a handbag to match!

Makeup: Go with a natural lip shade and let your eyes stand out with bold liner and smoky eye shadow.

Hair: Let it down or tie it back in a loose ponytail or bun.

Edgy Details

Eileen Necklace Snake Bracelet Amrita Dome Studs Bali Crystal Hoops

Mix and match bright & dark colors with bold accents for a look that’s trendy and fierce.

Outfit: Form fitting pants and boots with a solid top in a strong color or bold pattern. Leather jacket recommended!

Accessories: A multi strand necklace or layered chains paired with a rocker bracelet and earrings.

Makeup: Winged eyeliner, bold brows and a dark lip shade.

Hair: Stick straight or tight, voluminous curls.

Mix & Match Fashionista

Kenmare Street Bracelet Marseille 10-pc Bangle Set Thin Spikes Bracelet Bowery Street Bracelet Set

Go wild with color and print combinations! Check out our Stacking Bracelet Guide for style tips.

Outfit: Experiment with patterns like stripes, geometrics and tribal prints.

Accessories: Mix and match your bracelets for a look that’s totally unique. Just be careful to balance your prints and accessories -- too much of both at once can take you from stylish to circus.

Makeup: Match your nail polish to one of the accent colors in your ensemble.

Casual Chic

Amrita NY Owl Pendant Chubby Owl Stud MOMA Circular Cuff Round Enamel Hinge Cuff

Polish that lazy-morning-look with a couple of bold accessories and colorful accents. You’ll be able to stay comfortable all day in a look that’s playful and easy to put together.

Outfit: Maxi dress or leggings/ripped jeans and a loose fitting top.

Accessories: Stick with solid colored enamel. A long pendant necklace is simple and cute, while colorful round cuffs take your look up a notch.

Makeup: Nude or gloss lips with simple black-brown mascara. For a pop of color, match eyeshadow or nail polish to your accessories.

Hair: Go for an unkempt bed-head look with beachy waves.



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