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But first, let me take a selfie...

We want to see how you wear #amritasingh! We want to see you wearing our fashion jewelry so much that for the month of September we will give you a $5 store credit for each photo you post to social media or email us. Please note that by using #amritasingh or emailing us the photo you are giving us permission to post the image on our website and/or social media. 

Step 1: Take a photo

Take a photo of yourself wearing Amrita Singh bling that you purchased on our website. You don't have to show your face but you must be wearing the jewelry in the photo to receive credit. Below are some examples of photos that meet the criteria. 

Examples of instagram photos with Amrita Singh Jewelry

Step 2: Tag us & use #AmritaSingh

Follow us on Instagram & Twitter. Post your photo to instagram or twitter using the hashtag #AmritaSingh and tag us in the photo (Instagram @banglebangle - Twitter @amritasjewelry). If you already have a photo posted on Instagram, simply add #AmritaSingh in the comments.

Use hashtag #amritasingh

Step 3: Provide proof of purchase

Send the link to your photo and proof of purchase to photo@amritasingh.com. A valid proof of purchase can be the matching sales order or invoice number that includes the item you are wearing in the photo.

Show us proof of purchase

Earn credits for posting photos of you wearing Amrita Singh jewelry on social mediaStep 4: Earn store credits!

For every photo of you wearing an item from a valid purchase made on amritasingh.com, you will earn a $5 store credit to your account. Credits will be applied within 7 business days of receipt of photo and proof of purchase. Only one credit per style worn. Multiple photos with the same item will not earn multiple credits.

*Only valid purchases made through our website will be considered. Purchases made through other vendors or websites are not valid. Proof of purchase is required to earn the credit. You cannot earn multiple credits for the same item even if they are different photos. Only one $5 credit per photo even if you're wearing multiple items in the photo. All submissions must be sent to photo@amritasingh.com to ensure they are seen and accounted for. All photos posted with the hashtag #AmritaSingh or sent to us via email are subject to be used in our photo gallery. Must be registered on our new site in order to receive your store credits. Not valid for wholesale orders. All submissions must be sent in the month of September.