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Close up of the Ankara Tassel Necklace

Ankara Tassel Necklace

Product Code: NKC 5097
Gold-tone/Gunmetal brass necklace with Austrian crystals and faceted glass beads. 
Measurements: Length 29.75"-31.75" adjustable x Width 3.5"


Reviews ( 1 )

Mar 2, 2015

Very beautiful necklace

I just received this. Before purchasing, I asked a lot of questions about how much "bling" was in this necklace, as they are not my favorite jewelry items from AS. I was told that the gold and rhinestones were not a large part of the necklace and thy were correct. The faceted red beads and tassel are very rich and sparkly, and the gold rhinestones that connect them is fairly understated for an AS jewelry product. It is also very long, which I like. I tried doubling it up to wear it as a shorter necklace, and I might do this for versatility, even though you can see the clasp and the links - it might be fun to do on occasion. Although the red is what really makes this work, I might consider getting the gunmetal color if it goes on sale again. Pleased with my purchase.