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Close up of the Lizard Ring

Lizard Ring

Product Code: RC 2504

Gunmetal brass lizard ring with Austrian crystals.

Measurements: Length 1.75" x Width 1"


Reviews ( 1 )

Feb 25, 2016

Lazy Lizard

The ring is very unique and charming. I love the dark emerald like stones for the lizard's eyes. The sizing is not what I expected, I usually can wear a size 7 comfortable on my ring finger, but this one fitted a tad loose. I wish I had bought it in a size 8, but it's fine, I can still wear the ring and it fits really well on my index finger. I usually wear the lizard facing down as it shows in the picture, instead of up. I noticed that if I wear the lizard upward the head of the lizard sticks out a bit and I can see it getting caught on something (my hair) if I'm wearing it in that direction. Overall, it's a lovely piece, it's very sparkly and looks gorgeous on my finger. Glad I was able to grab this while it was on a promotional sale.