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Close up of the Selene Reversible Bib

Selene Reversible Bib

Product Code: NKC 1651

Gold-tone brass necklace with resin stones.


See where it will fall with our handy necklace length chart.

Measurements: Length 15"-19" adjustable x Width 1", toggle closure



Reviews ( 1 )

Aug 9, 2017

Reversible Bib Necklaces are the BEST!

I now own a total of 4 reversible bib necklaces and I absolutely adore them. The Selene Reversible Bib necklace caught my eye while I was looking for another reversible bib necklace online at AS. In person, the necklace is stunning, one side is made out of glittery silver/gunmetal colored stones and the other side druzy-like black stones. The necklace is two-tiered and creates a nice, but not over-the-top, bold look compared to the three-tiered reversible bibs. My only complaint that the necklace tends to bunch up or fold when you lean over and then stays that way while getting back up in a straight position. This also tends to happen if I clap my hands. I had to adjust my necklace quite a bit so that it would lay comfortably near my collarbone. However, I decided to keep it because I love the color of the stones and needed a gunmetal version of it instead of gold.